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Story begins with a
dog father’s inspiration

Dean Také is no stranger to dog training - and near obsessed with the need for exploring potentail of pets. As a dog father and a product developer, he began to develop Zoo Gears in 2020 when he could not find a domestic dog triaining device that met his standards and ease of use. Over the next several months, Dean interviewed 300 pets parents to identify their pain points and uncovered new features that dog parents needed. One weekend, he observed his beloved shiba inu - Jake had interaction with music (his ears moved with different pitch of sounds), and he got an epiphany that dogs aren't sing a song, but that doesn't mean they can't play music. Modern-day technology will help dogs play melodic music, as well as providing training to the dogs.

That's why the invention TheButter® is borned.

Engineering development

Leaning on Dean Také's background in over 10 years product development in veterinary MRI systme, medical & IoT electronic devices, and luxurious houseware design, Dean developed Zoo Geras IoT device as an elegant, innovative, better user experience product.

Dean spent tireless months enjoying the process of bringing TheButter® to life. Now the development of the product is completed. Currently, He had his team are finally done with the structural design, the adjustments on TheButter®’s appearance design and filed patent. Now it looks simply pawesome! Also, the team is communicating with the mold supplier about the details of the final mold tooling, and conducting a noteworthy test in the subsequent assembly.The hardware design and IoT firmware design have been completed as well. Now, a complete functional test is being carried out in conjunction with the App.

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Our mission is at the core of everything we do. Our humble roots began with a passion to make a change in the way we move, in turn making a positive impact on animals, human & society.

To collect data from different species of pets

To analyze pets' behaviours for developing inventions

To export what pet can do

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