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Product specification

320mm(W) x 415mm(L) x 65mm(H)


BPA free plastic & 304 Stainless Steel

5V 2A. The device can be powered by either battery pack or use cable

320mm x 415mm

1. TheBiscuit x 1; 2. Bowls x 3; 3. Power cable


Zoo Gears APP allows users (1) connect with "TheBiscuit"; (2) review intelligence growth in dashboard; (3) generate pentagon chart for music performance; (4) add module(s) to the device; (5) download song playlist

Dashboard for showing what songs can stimulate your doggy most, and show their learning curve

Pentagon chart for music performance

Module(s) add-in. It can be extra buttons or other functional modules

Song playlist for different challenges


Your Pet’s Music Instrument, Auto-feeder & Trianing tool All in One IoT Gadge

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